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BYU PathwayConnect

Get College Ready

No Application Cost

No Entrance Exams

No Interviews

New Start Inland Northwest does not operate BYU PathwayConnect, but we love it! We’ve found that people who complete our courses often want to pursue a higher degree. BYU PathwayConnect is an outstanding way to do so. It’s a program for all adults interested in earning a certificate or degree (view all) at a very affordable price through BYU Idaho and Ensign College. You do not need to be affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to enroll. It can help you jumpstart your higher education and find the better job you seek.

  • no application costs
  • no entrance exams
  • no interviews
  • take classes online, gather weekly with other students in a spiritually strengthening environment
  • gain skills to help you prepare for college and succeed in the workplace.

To learn more about BYU PathwayConnect and how to apply, click below: