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Free English Classes

Learn conversational English in 6 weeks or less! 

Award-winning ESL system and curriculum trusted by over one million students worldwide.


FREE English Classes

These ESL classes are for people who are frustrated because they don’t speak great English.

They want to get better jobs, connect with people around them, and do simple daily tasks like shopping without feeling embarrassed or misunderstood.

This is for people who want to learn to speak English quickly with a private teacher, but can’t afford the high-cost of traditional classes. In fact, many students can speak conversational English in as little as 2 months – for FREE.


What Others Are Saying…

free english class participants

Una Experiencia Muy Bonita

Esta clase fue una experiencia muy bonita, unas de las cosas que más aprecié fue la dedicación y la paciencia que tenían los hermanos para enseñar, destacando la voluntad de los educadores ante las dudas, la clase de Inglés ha sido muy satisfactoria.

Sandra S.

I Speak English More Naturally

English classes helped me speak English more naturally and memorize new words more easily. I like that teachers are native English speakers who also speak my native language, so there’s no language barrier between us. The teachers are willing to listen my feedback to make the class more helpful and provide lessons to our liking. I have lots of fun going to English class and meet great friends there.

Kaine B.


Your FREE English Class Includes…

FREE, personalized English classes.

This is a self-paced program so you can go as fast or slow as you’d like – no extra charge. The formal classes usually last 25 weeks.

A focus on English that is used everyday right here in Spokane so you can see results fast.

Live, small group classes. We also include access to private one-on-one tutoring to help you master culture, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Two month fast-start program so you can learn conversational English in as little as 2 months. This alone can help you feel less embarrassed and frustrated with simple things like shopping, setting appointments, asking for a pay raise, applying for a job, and enjoying conversations with neighbors.

A teacher who is a native English speaker, but has also usually learned a second language and knows what you’re experiencing!

A proven, simple process for learning English as a second language used all over the world with hundreds of thousands of people.

Lessons are in person so you can learn fast. Taught by local teachers who understant the culture and situation you’re living in. 

All the digital workbooks, online resources, and materials you need are provided – no extra charge*


FREE English Classes

Find a class near you on the map below. Click on a blue marker icon to see the date and time of the class, and the location. Then click the “Sign Up” link to enroll directly before attending.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Classes Really Free?

YES, there is no charge! And there is no catch! The courses are created and sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Generous donations of time and money from millions of people around the world allow us to offer these classes free of charge.

Our mission is to bring hope, opportunity, and joy to people by serving others the way Christ did. Helping you learn English is one way to fulfill that mission. It is our privilege to serve you!

What Can You Tell Me About My Teacher?

All of the teachers are experienced teachers who are volunteering their time and talents. They are passionate about following Jesus Christ and serving others around them. 

For the English classes, most teachers are native English speakers who have lived abroad and learned another language. They understand the challenges of trying to communicate in a new language. They will be patient and help you.  

For English Classes, How Long Does It Take?

Many students can learn basic conversational English in as little as two months. Yes! In just a few short months, you can feel more confident talking to your neighbors, setting up appointments, and shopping.

The entire program takes approximately 25 weeks so you can really gain the skills and vocabulary you need to feel comfortable and fluent in any situation.

Get started today. Click here to register.

Where and When are Classes Held?

Classes are typically held in person. It makes learning so much easier, faster, and so much more fun! 

To see exactly what’s available in your area, check our courses.

What Can You Tell Me About the Classes?

Each class usually lasts about 45 minutes. Classes are typically held in person, in a small group setting so you get individual help. We will help you every step of the way.

Workbooks and other learning materials are provided. 

You are expected to do homework and other tasks. The more you put in, the more you will get out.

Your teachers will be patient, understanding and respectful… as well as encouraging and helpful!

Take your first class today – there is no obligation. Click here to start today.